The Wellnus Co. Bamboo Bandaids + Wipes

Wellnus for everyone!  We’re excited to collaborate with The Wellnus Company, a Los Angeles-based family-owned Family Medicine health clinic that provides free medical care, medication, and lab testing to anyone that needs it.

The Wellnus Co.’s co-founders, Charvee and Vishaal Buch, are donating 10% of the proceeds of their bamboo bandages + wipes to the Steve Nash Foundation – remember to use code SNF at checkout!


Click here to order from The Wellnus Co. today – be sure to enter code SNF at checkout for a 10% discount to you, and 10% donation to the Steve Nash Foundation!

From The Wellnus Co. site: Our bandaids (strip and gauze pad) are crafted with 100% organic bamboo fiber. Perfectly paired with our cleansing wipes, our products make sure that wounds stay clean and promote healing for those minor cuts, scrapes or grazes, with a lower chance of infection. 

Our clean, vegan bandaids aren’t meant to be invisible. We see scrapes and cuts as a mark of those adventure-seekers and learners, so clean and cover those minor wounds, and get right back to your fun! One tube comes with 20 natural wound care strips.

Made from 100% bamboo fiber, our cleansing wipes are certified organic, eco-friendly, portable, pre-moistened, anti-bacterial and enriched with aloe vera extract. These wipes are perfect for face or body to instantly remove excess oil, sweat or dirt.

Since they are made from bamboo fiber, they feel a little different to the wipes on the market. individually packaged, they are are great as a make-up remover, portable refreshing wipe, or even to clean yourself or children’s dirty hands/face.

Please note: Our Wellnus wipes are natural, un-scented, hypoallergenic and non-alcoholic. Purchase comes with 1 re-usable tin container and 10 organic bamboo cleansing wipes. 


These products are ordered and shipped directly from The Wellnus Co. (, and a donation of 10% of your purchase price will be made by The Wellnus Co. to the Steve Nash Foundation when you enter code SNF at checkout.  The Steve Nash Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) private operating foundation (EIN 31-1753206) and a registered Canadian charity (BN 848154928 RR0001).  Thank you for your assist!