Entertain at Showdown ’20


Saturday, June 20th, 6:00pm – Sara D. Roosevelt Park, NYC

With the world’s premiere athletes at arm’s reach, you’ll make a celebration to remember with friends and family or your home team, or wow clients and employees alike with unparalleled access and one heck of a good time.  Sit (on the edge of your seats, of course) just inches from the action on the pitch for an up-close experience with some of the world’s best athletes — from on-field VIP seats with autographed credentials, you and your group will take in all the action of Showdown in your souvenir Showdown t-shirts, and mingle on the field with players for a chance to get your VIP Showdown credentials autographed. You’ll also enjoy a photo opportunity with NBA Hall of Fame’r Steve Nash . . . and memories for a lifetime.

For your donation, you’ll receive a Showdown entertainment package that includes:

• ten (10) on-field VIP seats, with custom-branded seating

• ten (10) Showdown VIP access credentials

• ten (10) Showdown souvenir t-shirts

• social media shout out from @stevenashfdn on twitter

• exclusive photo opportunity with Steve Nash, with photos delivered

• corporate gifting opportunity in Showdown player and VIP gift bags (upon item approval)

You’ll also receive a tax receipt for your eligible contribution to the Steve Nash Foundation, enabling critical needs early childhood intervention programs for our littlest MVPs.  Learn more at stevenash.org.  Available while available, so make your move now!

For more information on the Entertain at Showdown package or to customize a package perfect for your group size, please contact us at rsvp@stevenash.org.

In the event that you cannot attend Showdown, no refunds of donations for Showdown tickets will be provided.  Please email rsvp@stevenash.org should you need to change the name of any attendee.

NOTE: The Steve Nash Foundation Showdown may be broadcast via a live stream, social media, webcast, video capture, news reporting, or other media distribution.  By attending Showdown, you agree that you are attending/participating in this sporting event at your own risk, consent to the use of your image and likeness in content generated from the event and in promotional posts for Showdown and the Steve Nash Foundation on the websites and social media channels operated by the Steve Nash Foundation and others, as part of the charitable effort, and hereby release the Steve Nash Foundation, its officers, employees + directors, and all individuals or entities associated with the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown from any and all liability.

The Steve Nash Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) operating foundation (EIN 31-1753206) and a registered Canadian charity (BN 848154928 RR0001). Donations to the Foundation are eligible for a tax receipt.

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Release of Liability: I am attending and/or participating in the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown at my own risk. I hereby release the Steve Nash Foundation, its officers, employees, directors, contractors, sponsors, and all individuals or entities associated with Showdown from any and all liability associated with this event.
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