Who We Are

The Steve Nash Foundation: Growing health in kids

Begun by Steve and his family, the Steve Nash Foundation is a private operating foundation dedicated to assisting underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life.  Like its NBA MVP founder, the Foundation is a leader in assists . . . to a slightly shorter population.

The Steve Nash Foundation operates as two separate foundations: a registered Canadian charity (BN 848154928 RR0001), and a US 501(c)(3) operating foundation (EIN 31-1753206). Through the Foundations’ platforms, Steve works to increase access to critical needs resources, and provide a foundation for health and strength in our communities.

We’re proud to be assisted by a cadre of thinkers, investors, entrepreneurs, and, yes, a few dreamers, who inspire us to do more and better each day, and the many of you who write, donate, and call with daily words of support.  We love your assist.

The Steve Nash Foundation complies with US and Canada rules and regulations regarding donations and granting, and we work constantly to ensure transparency and efficacy to our mission – we’re proud to have earned GuideStar’s Gold Seal of Transparency every year.  As Steve provides funding for all of SNF’s operating expenses, your donation to SNF directly supports our programs, making meaningful change in our communities.  Please contact us for more information – we’re always excited to talk about investing in the issues and platforms that matter.

Working with Us: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Steve Nash Foundation was founded on the belief that children – of all socioeconomic conditions, races, physical abilities, religions, national origins, gender identities and gender expressions, sexual orientations, and life circumstances – are exceptionally valuable members of our communities, and deserve the quality resources requisite to their healthy growth and development.

Our organization thrives on the positive impact we create and deliver for the communities we serve.  From Steve, to his family, to our staff, we are committed to advancing diversity, equity, social justice, and inclusion through our work, and will do so by:

    • fostering respectful inclusion of different perspectives and experiences, and embracing diversity while acting against hateful, bigoted, violent and harassing behaviours;
    • ensuring that our policies, practices, and programs consider and seek to address societal inequities that disadvantage children and families, including implementing programs that work towards equity and social justice;
    • seeking out and working with companies, organizations and individuals that actively engage in or supportively align with anti-racism work, and declining to work with entities that do not support efforts in diversity, equity, social justice, and inclusion;
    • using our time and resources to assist underserved children in their health, personal development, education, and enjoyment of life; and
    • creating opportunities for and lifting up the voices and platforms of those traditionally underrepresented in all aspects of our work and mission.

We hope you’ll undertake these (and more!) goals in your own spheres of influence.  We’re all in this together.